iPad 1st Gen Repair


iPad 1st Gen Screen Repair with LIFETIME WARRANTY

Even though we try to protect our electronic devices, accidents happen. No, matter how careful you are with your iPads it can easily slip from your grip. A fall can mean one of two things either you have a huge dent on the side, or you need touchscreen repairs. The number of people coming in to get their screens repairs has doubled. Which is a common thing because we have only seen an increase in usage of iPads over the years. Such accidents happen suddenly, and no matter how much you try to break its fall. It is just out of your control. A drop means damage which will need to be resolved, which is why our services exist. Because it is not a smart move to just throw out hundreds of dollars worth of a device, just because it is broken. Our services can help you keep your investment alive for just a small price of your cost. Which is why our store locations are around America, to ensure that you can get a quality job done for competitive prices. Stop by one of our stores. Really don’t be shy. Our staff are at the top of qualified technicians for any Apple generation model.

iPad 1st Gen Repair Near Me

When you come by to drop off your device take a few minutes to explain what happened, and what you feel needs to be fixed or be replace like battery or camera issues, headphone jack replacements, home or power button concerns, visible shattered glass or touch display concerns, repairing the LCD or charging port, or even simple troubleshooting. Our turnaround time is usually quick so when you receive your repaired product back make sure you inspect it in front of our professional, who will be able to assist you on any concerns. We are in no rush to send you on your way, and are more than happy when you take out a few minutes to inspect the job we have done. We know our techs are the best in the business and we take pride in our work; that is why we are pleased to offer a LifeTime warranty on all replacement parts. If you have any concerns you are more than welcome to voice them out.