iPad Mini 4 Repair


iPad Mini 4 Screen Repair with LIFETIME WARRANTY

Apple has sold millions of iPad Minis. When the company first released this device they expected it to do well. However, they never expected that it would outsell the original iPad. In reality, iPad Minis were sold throughout the world and remain extremely popular today. The release of the iPad Mini 4 brings updates features to this smaller and more compact device that is used by adults, children, companies and all other sorts of consumers throughout the globe.

The good thing about the iPad Mini is its small size, however this is also its detriment. These small devices go with owners everywhere. Whether they are used for business or pleasure, they can easily be carried in a purse or briefcase. These devices are taken to work, on vacation, used at home and everywhere in between. They double as a laptop, camera and communication device. All of these uses, which make the iPad Mini extremely attractive to consumers, also put them at a constant risk of breaking or being damaged.

Unlike smartphones and laptops, iPads are very difficult (almost impossible) to repair without the proper tools and knowledge. They contain many delicate and intricate pieces that must be carefully reviewed to diagnose an issue and repaired to fix the problems all together. The iPad Mini 4 comes with a variety of enhanced features both on the outside and inside of the device that make it even more delicate and comprehensive. For example, the new iPad Mini is 18% thinner than previous models. While it may be lighter, is it also more likely to get cracked, bent or broken if its not cared for properly.

An interior enhancement on the iPad Mini 4 is two new cameras with better resolution and sensors. The device promotes its iPad as a device that can double as a camera for amazing pictures and videos. Unfortunately, this updated software and technology comes along with the risk of not working. Both outdoor elements like heat or rain along with software malfunctions could cause these cameras to stop working and require repair. The speakers and microphone are also key elements of better videos, phone calls and FaceTiming, which have been improved since the iPad Mini 3.

It cannot be expressed enough how delicate the iPad Mini is as an Apple device. It’s small pieces and inner workings can easily be damaged but not as easily repaired. As these devices are constantly taken from place to place and used to capture incredible memories, they also get damaged. Water damager, cracked screens, software malfunctions and charging problems are just a few examples of potential iPad Mini problems that owners could face.

Whether you own an iPad Mini 1, 2, 3 or 4, DrPhoneFix can help you with any problems or repairs. From minor to major issues, our company has the tools; time and education to correctly diagnose and fix the damage you are experiencing. With quick service right in your neighborhood, you can spend less time and money getting your iPad repaired, and more time enjoying it.