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iPad Screen Repair with LIFETIME WARRANTY

Repairing an iPad is not something we recommend trying to do at home or on your own. Due to the advanced technology and delicate parts, iPads, to say the least, are fragile. This fragility is what can lead to the many problems that plague iPad owners. For example, some of the most common issues that require repair include a cracked glass screen, water damage and a tablet that won’t charge. Apple iPads are no longer just for leisure time. They have become an integral part of many people’s lives and businesses. In fact, numerous amounts of working professionals use their iPad throughout the work day and then at home, and often during the commute. In some instances, tablets are becoming an alternative to using a phone. The bad news with this is that iPads are at constant risk of damage. If the device is dropped, left outside, or something internally simply goes wrong, owners end up wondering, now what? You could take your iPad to Apple but good luck getting an appointment or having warranty coverage. More often than not, iPad owners are talked into purchasing a new device rather than given the options of repairs or replacements. This is a much more expensive route to go if you are having a problem with your iPad. You can easily end up wasting a lot of time and a lot of money by taking a device that is out of warranty back to Apple. The good news is that you have an alternative. DrPhoneFix is a service company that’s main focus is repairing electronic devices, especially iPad. If you are facing any type of problem currently with your Apple iPad, you are definitely in the right place.

iPad Repair Near Me

Due to the volume of repairs needed for iPads, DrPhoneFix has become an independent one-stop repair center for these devices. We have seen it all when it comes to iPads that need a fix. From minor cracks in the glass screen to buttons that stop working, our teams have seen it and fixed it all. DrPhoneFix team members are specially trained for this line of work. They go through educational workshops and programs to ensure that are familiar with Apple devices like iPads and iPhones as well as how to diagnose and repair them. At each company location, our teams keep the tools on hand to quickly complete any type of repair service that is needed. They also have the parts needed to replace elements like the glass screen or various buttons. DrPhoneFix is ran this way to save our customer’s time and money. We pride ourselves on offering a much needed service at affordable prices. iPads are a major part of today’s technology landscape and when they need some type of repair, it has to be done quickly and inexpensively. It just doesn’t make sense to anymore to have to mail out your device for repair, losing it for weeks, or spend hundreds of dollars in repair on top of the cost of the device. At DrPhoneFix, you don’t need an appointment. Simply bring us your iPad and while you wait, we will diagnose it and offer our opinion on possible repairs. Our repairs, on average, are complete in as little as 45 minutes. Relax on our couches, or run some errands while we take great care of your iPad and get it back to working or looking like its brand new. We recommend, if you are having an issue with your iPad, to bring it to us right away. Minor problems can lead to major problems, and no one wants that. The sooner a problem is addressed and fixed, the better off your device, and you will be. You can call or email us with questions, but are also more than welcome to just stop by to see our team whenever it is convenient for you. We can’t wait to help you and your iPad!