iPhone 6s Plus Repair


iPhone 6s Screen Replacement by Dr Phone Fix

Of course, the iPhone 6 Plus also got an upgrade announced at Apple’s annual September event. The release of the iPhone 6s Plus has customers buzzing. The beloved smartphone that is almost the size of a tablet has consumers pre-ordering and impatiently waiting. As these devices start to arrive on doorsteps and be activated, it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but a percentage of iPhone 6s Plus owners will experience some sort of damage within the first 10 weeks of usage. The large touchscreen of the iPhone 6s Plus is a standout element of the device. Picture quality is better, the gaming experience is enhanced and the overall user interface is easier to use. For the variety of things we use our smartphones for, the iPhone 6s Plus can be a great choice. It can be used for business or for play with its newly improved cameras, faster Internet connections as well as updated software and apps. Upon purchasing or receiving this device, most owners will also buy a case and/or a screen protector.

However, no matter if the device has a case and/or screen protector, more serious accidents can still happen

Unexpectedly and out of nowhere smartphone owners drop their new device into a puddle or accidentally let it go and helplessly watch it crash to the concrete pavement below. There are many more ways than that to break an iPhone 6s Plus, like leaving it out in the sun or stepping on it, but those are some of the most common. These events leave new owners without a fully functioning device and wondering what to do next. That’s where Dr.PhoneFix comes in. As experts in the electronic device repair industry, we are specifically educated on all of Apple’s devices from the very first models to the more recent releases. Our teams, located at storefront and mobile centers throughout the country, have the knowledge and tools to diagnose and fix any problem you may have with your iPhone 6s Plus. Although we hope that you have your device for months or years without any problems, this is very rarely the case. We have owners come in days after purchasing their new device with both minor and major issues.We have seen it all.

With years of successful repairs under our belt we have seen the smallest and easiest to fix issues along with the devices that won’t even turn on or stay on. We have diagnosed and repaired issues big and small for our customers that rely on their smartphone both personally and professionally. We realize that our customer’s time is precious and that the faster they have a repaired electronic device, the better. It is our knowledge and skill that allow our Dr.PhoneFix teams to analyze and fix electronic devices like the iPhone 6s Plus affordably and quickly. As you receive your new iPhone 6s Plus don’t forget about Dr.PhoneFix if you ever have an issue that cant be resolved on your own.