iPhone 7 Plus Repair


DrPhoneFix iPhone 7 Plus Repair Services

Is there something wrong with your Apple iPhone 7 Plus? While the days of at-home repairs are over, DrPhoneFix is always here to help. We know that a problem with your iPhone 7 Plus can stop your day in is tracks and cause all sorts of additional problems. That’s why we offer while-you-wait, affordable repairs for Apple iPhones, in addition to many other types of devices.

Whether your iPhone 7 Plus has a minor issue or major problem, DrPhoneFix can be of service to you. Our team will run a diagnostic service when you bring your device in to determine all the problems you are experiencing as well as their cause. From there, we can offer you a variety of solutions and complete the repair you choose – affordably!

Screen Repairs for iPhone 7 Plus

Damaged to the iPhone 7 Plus screen is very common. This 5.5-inch screen is delicate and vulnerable to problems like chips, scratches, cracks and full-on shatters. Fortunately, DrPhoneFix always has iPhone 7 Plus replacement screen on hand. This means you don’t have to wait for a replacement to arrive, you can just have your repair done while you wait.

Our team handles other screen problems as well, that aren’t physical like scratches. We can help with touchscreens that are delayed or unresponsive as well as if you are having issues with the Touch ID. Other common screen problems we can solve include a flickering screen or off-color images and apps.

iPhone 7 Plus Splash, Water or Dust Damage Repair

Simply because the iPhone 7 Plus is resistant to splashes, water and dust doesn’t mean that these elements can’t cause problems for the device. In fact, when too much water or dust comes in contact with an Apple smartphone, serious damage is almost inevitable. As advanced as the iPhone 7 Plus is, this smartphone is still an electronic piece of technology that is best kept far from splashes, liquid of any type, dust and debris.

We recommend having this type of damage assessed and repaired as soon as possible. Water and dust have the ability to get deeper into the device and damage the SIM card, battery and speakers. These problems are more complex to fix the longer the device goes without repair. Don’t wait, have DrPhoneFix diagnose and repair your iPhone 7 Plus sooner rather than later.

Camera and Video Recording Repair for iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus features two cameras and 4k video recording at 30 frames per second. This technology on its own is vulnerable to errors. As if you owned a separate digital camera and camcorder, things can go wrong, but DrPhoneFix can help. Some minor issues that are common in relation to the cameras include a flash function that doesn’t work properly and the camera app crashing unexpectedly. Major problems you might face could be bad software application updates, issues with insufficient memory or damage to the actual camera’s hardware. 

While You Wait iPhone 7 Plus Repairs at DrPhoneFix

Our team is trained to diagnose and repair a wide variety of Apple iPhone problems. Specific to the iPhone 7 Plus, DrPhoneFix can help you with issues including but not limited to:

  • Trouble activating the device
  • Quickly drained battery
  • Distorted sound from the speakers
  • Can’t connect Bluetooth devices
  • Apps unexpectedly crash or freeze
  • Touch ID doesn’t work correctly
  • Sudden reboot

Perhaps one of the best aspects of DrPhoneFix is that we can perform a majority of repairs while you wait. You are without your device for the least amount of time as possible. We know how crucial your iPhone 7 Plus is to your work and personal life, which is why we work hard to provide quick, quality repairs. You can stop by on your lunch break, after work or make an appointment for the best use of your time. We even have couches so you can relax while your device gets repaired. 

DrPhoneFix Lifetime Warranties

Another great offering from DrPhoneFix is the lifetime warranty that comes with each of our repairs. We provide quality repairs and stand behind them. Each complete repair on your iPhone 7 Plus comes with a lifetime warranty. If the problem returns or additional problems occur stemming from the original issue, simply bring your smartphone right back to us. We will help rectify the problem.

Step One: Contact DrPhoneFix Now

The first step towards having your iPhone 7 Plus working like new, is contacting DrPhoneFix. You can either make an appointment or just walk-in at your convenience. We are happy to help you either way. To make appointments or have your questions answered, our team can be contacted by phone or online. You can call us directly at 1-877-928-8905 or fill out the contact form at drphonefix.com/contact-us.