iPhone 7 Repair


Repair Services for iPhone 7 at DrPhoneFix

If you’ve landed here from a Google search, you must have some sort of problem with your iPhone 7. But don’t panic – DrPhoneFix is here to help! We are a robust repair shop that specializes in Apple devices. In fact, our team of technicians has been trained to know the ins and outs of each generation of the iPhone.

When it comes to the iPhone 7, our team has a significant amount of experience. On the market and in use since 2016, our technicians have diagnosed and repaired thousands of iPhone 7s throughout the country. From minor cracks to major issues, our team would be happy to help you out.

iPhone 7 Screen Repairs

Undoubtedly, one of the most common iPhone 7 repairs we see here at DrPhoneFix, relates to its screen. The 4.7-inch widescreen LCD is as delicate as it is powerful. It is the key to the entire device, yet it is the most vulnerable element.


The Retina HD display can be damaged by being dropped, stepped on, or due to contact with dust or water. These situations often lead to a cracked or shattered screen. Due to the commonality of this problem, DrPhoneFix keeps replacement iPhone 7 screens in stock. While you wait, our team can remove the damaged screen and replace it with a brand new one.

DrPhoneFix can also repair screen issues that don’t have to do with physical damage. For example, we have diagnosed and repaired problems including but not limited to:

  • Screen flickering
  • Gray lines across the screen
  • Touchscreen doesn’t work
  • Screen shakes during scrolling
  • Frozen screen

Water or Dust Damage Repairs for the iPhone 7

While the iPhone 7 is splash, water and dust resistant – these elements can still cause damage to the device. A drop or two of water might not impact the device at all, but being dunked in a pool could cause major problems. On the other hand, if your iPhone 7 has been exposed to a large amount of dust or debris, you could also be experiencing a host of problems.

Water and dust can have a negative impact on both internal and external elements of the iPhone 7. Liquid or dust can destruct the SIM card, get underneath the touchscreen causing it to stop working as well as damaging the speakers. If you suspect that water or dust is causing your iPhone 7’s problem, our team of technicians can run a diagnostic service to make sure. From there, we can offer a variety of repairs and solutions, getting your device working like new.


iPhone 7 Camera Repairs

Perhaps your iPhone 7 is working perfectly – except for the camera. The stand out features of the two cameras and video recording make up a major portion of the device. The front HD camera is most often used for FaceTime, the rear camera for wide color capture and video recording for producing 1080 pixel HD videos at 30 or 60 frames per second.

Due to the complexity of these three elements, we recommend repairs as soon as possible. There are four common problems that our locations have seen when it comes to the iPhone 7 camera. Our customers have brought their devices to us because:

  • The flash function doesn’t work properly
  • Camera and related apps crash unexpectedly
  • Images or 4k videos are out of focus
  • Photos end up blurry
  • Digital zoom is not working correctly

These problems require a trained professional to fix. Unfortunately, they are not simple problems that can be solved by restarting a device or doing a factory reset. However, DrPhoneFix has plenty of experience finding all the camera’s problems and providing quick and affordable repairs.

Affordable iPhone 7 Repairs with Lifetime Warranties

DrPhoneFix prides itself as a company on offering quick and affordable iPhone 7 repairs. We know that you already paid a lot for your smartphone, and don’t believe that quality repairs should cost hundreds of dollars. While you wait, our team can diagnose and repair your device – but it gets better.

Our inexpensive iPhone 7 repairs also come standard with a lifetime warranty. DrPhoneFix provides excellent repairs and we stand by them even after our customers walk out our doors. You never have to worry, once DrPhoneFix repairs your iPhone 7 problem.

Contact DrPhoneFix Today to Get Started

If you are experiencing a problem with your Apple iPhone 7, DrPhoneFix can help. We take appointments as well as welcome walk-ins. When it is convenient for you, we can help take care of your smartphone.

If you want to contact us prior to an appointment or stopping by, our team can be reached by phone (1-877-928-8905) or online directly through our website at drphonefix.com/contact-us. We look forward to hearing from you!