LG G3 Screen Repair with LIFETIME WARRANTY

Dr Phone Fix & Repair is glad to be the new face of the electronic device repair industry, We have the proper tools and service to your LG G3 repair needs. The LG G3 is a very popular phone and we definitely know how to tackle the repairs needed to bring this phone back into working condition if need be, and we are more than happy to do so. Whether your screen is broken, microphone is damaged, or it has water damage we can repair it for you. No task to big, no customer to small! We train our technicians in all aspects of LG G3 phone repair and make sure they have the right hands on training and knowledge required to deliver excellence. Our stores is easy to find and we want you to come on by and get a quote that is sure to please. We have the best values and the best repairs, prioritizing quality and customer service Dr Phone Fix & Repair knows all the answers to your Blu phone repair needs.

LG G3 Repair Near Me

DPF certification is what we put our technicians through which is an extensive training and knowledge program to get you into the field of electronic device repair. Our team is a capable and proud one, enjoying their work and the interaction with you the customer. Your smile is our smile! We’ve become a widely known and trusted brand for repairs with over 6 years in the business and over 500,000 devices repaired it’s no wonder we are considered top tier. Each repair for your LG G3 and all other devices come with a 90- day warranty to instill that confidence in you to go home with an impeccable repair at a great value, this covers the repair and the parts used.