LG G4 Screen Repair by Dr Phone Fix

LG has always been somewhat of an underdog in the smartphone market. Similar to Sony, LG struggles to compete with giants like Apple and Samsung. However, they aren’t giving up any time soon. In fact LG just released the G4, a device that looks as impressive as it functions. Unlike any other smartphone available on the market the LG G4 can be made with genuine black or tan leather. In addition to the curved edges of the device, it’s a stand out in the aesthetic arena. In addition, LG is promoting G4’s camera that is advertised to provide the same type of quality as a professional grade camera. Features like image stabilization and laser autofocus appeal to any and all smartphone buyers that often use their device to snap pictures. Last, but certainly not least, the LG G4 has improved brightness and accuracy via its 5.5-inch touchscreen. It’s a notable device, one that could meet the industry demand for years to come.

Let Dr Phone Fix Repair Your LG G4

Using this smartphone for years however will of course come with its fair share of problems or necessary fixes. With the amount we use our smartphones, it is likely that even the LG G4 will succumb to water damage, a cracked screen or a software malfunction. It could even be debated that the leather cover is less effective at protecting the phone as a whole. The more popular the LG G4 gets, the more of them we will see here at Dr.PhoneFix. If you have any issue with your new device, don’t hesitate to bring it in and let our team of professionals help you make the necessary repairs quickly and correctly.