LG Lancet Screen Repair by Dr Phone Fix

In LG’s portfolio of impressive electronic devices exists the LG Lancet. This device, which is often overlooked, has a special place in consumer hearts – and hands. This also means that it ends up at DrPhoneFix locations for repair. Daily usage for personal or work can land this device in the repair shop for things like cracked back panel, shattered touchscreen or water damage. Owners have also reported problems like yellow-tinted screens, camera malfunctions and freezing or unresponsiveness.

Let Dr Phone Fix Repair Your LG Lancet

While these are the common problems of the LG Lancet, the device offers very competitive pricing getting it into hands across the world. During times where an iPhone costs upwards of $600, LG is offering their Lancet smartphone for less than $120. It’s no wonder why there are so many of these on the market in the hands of consumers and ending up in repair shops across the country. Even smartphone is vulnerable to problems like a shattered screen or buttons that don’t work. When you know where to go when these problems occur, life becomes a lot easier.