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Get your “MacBook Pro Repair” today by a DPF Certified technician near you. All our MacBook Pro Repairs comes with LifeTime Warranty and we use Grade A quality MacBook Pro Parts. Find an MacBook Pro Repair Shop in your area by visiting our Computer Repair Near Me page.


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It happens unexpectedly and out of nowhere – you’re walking to work or getting out of your car, not paying much attention. And next thing you know, your nightmare becomes a reality. You hear your MacBook Pro accidentally hit the ground. You cringe as you bend down and pick up a delicate device that is now damaged. It could be a small crack in the upper corner or a full-blown shattered piece of glass, but either way – your device is impaired. This could cause a mild inconvenience of not looking good, or it could make the touchscreen functionality a thing of the past.

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  1. The good news though is that a damaged or shattered screen on your MacBook Pro doesn’t mean you need to buy a whole new device, or diy. In the past it was very common for cell phone providers or manufacturers to require a new device or a refurbished phone instead of simply offering a screen replacement. Device owners would either have to wait weeks for a replacement device to be mailed in to them or spend hundreds of dollars immediately on a brand new device. Luckily, companies like Dr Phone Fix offer an alternative with their quick and affordable service solutions for MacBook Pro owners.
  2. If your MacBook Pro screen is cracked, broken or shattered, you may just need a screen replacement. This may sound extensive and expensive, but believe us – it isn’t! A Dgitizer replacement is simply the process of having your old, cracked and destroyed glass screen carefully removed from your MacBook Pro and replaced with a brand new screen. This repair does require specialized tools, pentalobe screwdrivers and parts that are not available on the open market or that enable a do-it-yourself home repair. Instead, trust your MacBook Pro with the professionals at Dr Phone Fix

Our technicians extensively trained for Replacements of any size of screens

  • As the most delicate piece of any mobile device, shattered glass screens are all too common. In fact, almost every smartphone owner will experience some level of screen damage during his or her ownership. The first step is to not panic and the second step ironically, is to know the next step. We recommend getting any screen damage repaired as soon as possible so the problem doesn’t worsen over time and through continued use. Even a tiny chip in the screen can transform into a crack and spread across the whole glass screen on your MacBook Pro.
  • Screen damage isn’t just ugly; it’s dangerous to all other parts of your device. Gaps or cracks in the glass screen let dust, water and other damaging elements into more vulnerable parts of the device. For example, a few rain drops can get underneath the screen and either get trapped above the LCD display or seep into the actual electronic technology of the MacBook Pro. And we all know that water and electronics don’t mix. A small problem over time can become a huge issue that could even lead to a MacBook Pro that just doesn’t work at all anymore.

MacBook Pro Screen Replacement with grade A+ parts and Life Times Warranty!

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The longer you wait, the worse it can get. Don’t run the risk of causing more damage that could potentially cost you more. Waiting it out could result in further damage such as a damaged LCD, a punctured battery from small shards of glass, or even makes it more susceptible to liquid seeping through the cracks.Devices that take too long to charge or die too quickly are frustrating and annoying. Fortunately, a battery replacement is a quick fix to this problem. Stop in today to take advantage of a fast and affordable battery replacement and don’t forget to ask for a new charger too. It may your bad charger damaging it.The rice trick may help dry out the moisture inside for a temporary fix, but what typically causes the irreversible damage ends up being a result of not cleaning the internal components to prevent corrosion from permanently damaging it. For the best outcome, be sure to avoid attempting to power on it.

DrPhoneFix has a team of skilled technicians that have been trained specifically to quickly and correctly replace the glass screens of the MacBook Pro. These teams have years of experience completing these replacements, as they are one of the most common repairs needed by electronic device owners throughout the United States. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the teams have each and every tool needed to remove a damaged glass screen, whether it has minor – major or accidental damage, and put in a brand new screen.

With Years of experience in Computer Repair Dr Phone Fix & Repair can fix any Computer issues you may have such as Cracked Screen, Battery Replacement, Water damage Repair, and many other services.

We train our own technicians with DPF Certificate to help you the best service possible! Happy Customer Drives Better Business

In addition, we have teams located in Dr Phone Fix sites that are right within Wal-Mart stores for increased convenience. All Dr Phone Fix locations also have the newest electronic device accessories for sale to enhance and protect all types of smartphones, including the MacBook Pro.

Are you currently experiencing a problem with a feature other than the MacBook Pro Repair? Feel free to visit our MacBook Pro Repair page.

Dr Phone Fix provides the most quality and affordable Screen Replacement near you

If you have any questions about the process or concerns about your MacBook Pro, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Dr Phone Fix

We are here to help you and your device in any way that’s necessary. We know how important your MacBook Pro is and how imperative it is that it works correctly. There’s nothing more frustrating than a damaged glass screen that negatively impacts the overall function of the smartphone.

In addition to smartphones, Dr Phone Fix also diagnoses and repairs laptops, tablets and gaming consoles.

We can do Screen Replacements in under an hour while you wait

Our teams are available to you via phone or email as well and have extensive knowledge of the MacBook Pro. Check now to see where the closest Dr Phone Fix is to your home or office – we can’t wait to meet and help you!

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