Motorola Tablet Repair


Motorola Tablet Repair by Dr Phone Fix

It has been a while since Motorola has released a tablet, almost three years now. They have been struggling to find a home, and have been bought and sold several times now. Their most recent release belongs to the phablet category, and might be the best Motorola device ever made. The Google Nexus 6” which was made by Motorola is rivaling the iPhone, the Galaxy S5 and the LG G3 as the best small tablet on the market.

About Dr Phone Fix Motorola Tablet Repair Services

The Nexus 6 is a powerhouse, with 3 GB of RAM and a quad-core 2700 MHz processor that tears apart the competition. The AMOLED screen is one of the most efficient on the planet, offering up to 24 hours of talk talk on one charge of the 3220 mAh battery. On top of that the camera can take amazing photos and 4k video to see family moments in better quality than ever before. Or really high quality snap chats, whichever floats your boat. In the event that your Motorola Xoom or Nexus 6 starts having problems, it is best to let the experts handle the Motorola Tablet Repair. This is especially true since repairs void the warranty of the device, and it requires specialized tools like most tablet and smart phone repairs. Dr Phone Fix makes sure all of their technicians have the highest quality tools and parts to complete the repairs at the highest standard of quality. Whether it’s a pentalobe screw, or an internal adhesive layer, out technicians have the right tool for the job.

Professional Motorola Tablet Repair By Dr Phone Fix

Once inside, they will replace the broken glass, cracked screen, stuck home button, faulty speaker, or any other problem that the device might have. In depth diagnostics allow them to determine exactly what needs to be replaced, which often saves customers multiple repairs. Due diligence saves time and money and is part of the mantra of any tablet repair service worth its salt and for this reason, Dr Phone Fix finishes every Motorola Tablet Repair by replacing potentially stripped screws and the adhesive layers found in most devices. This year, Dr Phone Fix will repair thousands of devices, adding to the nearly 400,000 devices we have kept out of landfill so far. Whether it’s a Motorola tablet or a cell phone, we have someone trained to efficiently handle the job. On top of that, if you are near by we will come pick the device up and drop it off afterward, and also accept mail in repairs to open our services up to everyone. One cannot afford to take their device anywhere else. Manufacturer repairs are often overpriced, but of the same high quality as Dr Phone Fix. See the full lineup of locations and devices we repair, and get your life back in order and your window to the world working again.