BRANDMODELREPAIRNormal Price / Lowest Price
OnePlus2LCD & Digitizer$189.99$189.99
SamsungA5LCD & Digitizer$169.99$169.99
SamsungAdmire R720Digitizer$49.99
SamsungAdmire R720LCD$64.99
SamsungAdmire R720Full Housing$39.99
SamsungCaptive i897Digitizerx
SamsungCaptive i897LCDx
SamsungCaptive i897Full Housing$79.00
HTCDesire 510Digitizer / LCD$99.99
HTCDesire 626LCD & Digitizer$99.99$99.99
SamsungEdge 6 PlusLCD & Digitizer$389.99$389.99
HTCEVO lteLCD/Digitizer$79.99same price
SamsungExhibit II T679Digitizer$69.99
SamsungExhibit II T679LCD$69.99
LGFlexDigitizer / LCD$159.99same price
LGG2 / D801 D800 LS980Outer Glass / LCD109.99same priceWithout the frame the lcd and digitizer are the same. You could have issue with the bottom connection but if you just lay it down and place the bottom plate over the flex you will still get connection and it will work fine.
LGG3 / D850 D851 D855 VS985 LS990LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly109.99same price
LGG Vista 2LCD & Digitizer$139.99$139.99
SamsungGalaxy S2 T989LCD/Digitizer$89.99
SamsungGalaxy S3Digitizer$69.99
SamsungGalaxy S3LCD/Digitizer$0$139.99
SamsungGalaxy S3Battery$24.99
SamsungGalaxy S3Charger Port$65.00
SamsungGalaxy S4Digitizer$89.00
SamsungGalaxy S4LCD$0$159.99$20
SamsungGalaxy S4Battery$25.00
SamsungGalaxy S4Charger Port$49.99
SamsungGalaxy S5Digitizer only$119.99$124$50
SamsungGalaxy S5Battery$24.99
SamsungGalaxy S5Digitizer / lcd$119.99$210.00$50When trying to save the LCD for a rebate start from the top and work your way down.
HTCHTC M7Digitizer / LCD$109.99same priceorder with frame
HTCHTC M8Digitizer / LCD$139.99same priceorder with frame
HTCHTC M9Digitizer / LCD$119.99same priceorder with frame
HTCIncredible 2Digitizer$69.99
HTCIncredible 2LCD$89.99
SamsungInfuse i997Digitizerx
SamsungInfuse i997LCDx
SamsungInfuse i997Full Housing$129.99
AppleIpad 1Digitizer$99.99
AppleIpad 1LCD$129.99$99
AppleIpad 1Full Housing$165.00
AppleIpad 1Small Parts$79.99
AppleIpad 1Battery Replacement$99.99
AppleiPad 1&2 MiniDigitizer$89.99 / $79.99$1450% off if the lcd is also broken
AppleiPad 1&2 MiniLCD$99.99$2550% off if the digitizer is also broken
AppleiPad 1&2 MiniFull Housing$99.99$40
AppleiPad 1&2 MiniPower Button$69.99$5If doing multiple repairs at once don't double charge for labor
AppleiPad 1&2 MiniHome Button$69.99$5If doing multiple repairs at once don't double charge for labor
AppleiPad 1&2 MiniCamera$69.99$5If doing multiple repairs at once don't double charge for labor
AppleiPad 1&2 MiniLoud Speaker$69.99$5If doing multiple repairs at once don't double charge for labor
AppleiPad 1&2 MiniCharger Port$89.99$5If doing multiple repairs at once don't double charge for labor
AppleiPad 1&2 MiniBattery Replacement$79.99$18make sure you let the customer know about the chances of breaking the outer glass if its not already.
AppleIpad 2Digitizer$89.9950% off if the lcd is also brokenHow to repair / replace iPad 2 digitizer, assemble and disassemble ipad 2
AppleIpad 2LCD$109.99$109.9950% off if the digitizer is also broken
AppleIpad 2Full Housing$169.99
AppleIpad 2Small Parts$79.99
AppleIpad 2Battery Replacement$99.99
AppleIpad 3 & 4Digitizer$99.99
AppleIpad 3 & 4LCD$0$129.99
AppleIpad 3 & 4Full Housing$199.99
AppleIpad 3 & 4Small Parts$79.99
AppleIpad 3 & 4Battery Replacement$99.99
AppleiPad AirDigitizer$109.99
AppleiPad AirLCD$119.99
AppleiPad Air 2digitizer/lcd$179.99$179.99
AppleiPad Mini 3Digitizer$119.99$199.99
AppleiPad Mini 3LCD$149.99
AppleiPad Mini 3Full Housing$199.99
AppleiPad Mini 3Small Parts$99.99
AppleiPad Mini 3Charger Port$119.99needs soldering
AppleiPad Mini 3Battery Replacement$109.99
AppleIphone 3G/3GSDigitizer/lcd39.99
AppleIphone 3G/3GSLCD39.99$39.99
AppleIphone 3G/3GSFull Housing69.99
AppleIphone 3G/3GSSmall Parts39.99
AppleIphone 4G Att/Verizon/ SprintDigitizer/lcd59.99$59.9916.50
AppleIphone 4G Att/Verizon/ SprintBack19.99iPhone 4 back glass repair
AppleIphone 4G Att/Verizon/ SprintFull Housing89.99
AppleIphone 4G Att/Verizon/ SprintSmall Parts39.99
AppleIphone 4SDigitizer/lcd59.99
AppleIphone 4SFull Housing89.99
AppleIphone 4SSmall Parts39.99iPhone 4s Back Camera replacement
AppleIphone 5LCD/Digitizer$79.99$89.99$5 oem only
AppleIphone 5Small Parts Repair$69.00
AppleIphone 5Colors$129.99
AppleIphone 5cLCD/Digitizer$79.99$89.99iPhone 5c Cracked Screen Repair in 7 Min | iPhone Repair
AppleIphone 5cFull Housing$129.99
AppleIphone 5cSmall Parts$69.99
AppleIphone 5cPower Button$59.99
AppleIphone 5sLCD/Digitizer$79.9989.99DrPhoneFix - How to replace the screen on your iPhone 5S
AppleIphone 5sFull Housing$149.99
AppleIphone 5sPower Button$79.99
AppleIphone 5sSmall Parts$59.99DrPhoneFix - iPhone 5S Battery Replacement
AppleiPhone 6Digitizer/LCD$89.99$99.99$32$25 poem only
AppleiPhone 6Battery$69.99
AppleiPhone 6Charging port / Charger port$69.99
AppleiPhone 6Small Parts Repair$69.99
AppleiPhone 6 + / PlusDigitizer/LCD$109.99$139.99
AppleiPhone 6 + / plusSmall Parts / Charging port , Battery$79.99
Appleiphone 6sDigitizer / LCD$139.99$199.99$70 poem onlyrebate on good lcd
AppleiPhone 6sCharging Port/Headphone Jack$69.99
AppleiPhone 6sWater Damage Treatment$30.00
Appleiphone 6s PlusDigitizer / LCD$179.99$249.99$90 oem only
AppleiPhone 6s PlusCharging Port/Headphone Jack$99.99
AppleiPhone 6s PlusWater Damage Treatment$30.00
AppleiTouch 2Digitizer/lcd39.99
AppleiTouch 2LCD39.99
AppleiTouch 2Full Housing79.99
AppleiTouch 2Small Parts39.99
AppleItouch 3Digitizer$49.99
AppleItouch 3LCD$49.99
AppleItouch 3Small Parts$49.99
AppleItouch 4Digitizer / LCD$69.99same price
AppleItouch 4Full Housing$99.99
AppleItouch 4Power Button$89.99soldering needed
AppleItouch 4Other Small Parts$49.99
AppleItouch 4Battery Replacement$64.99soldering needed
AppleiTouch 5Digitizer/LCD$99.99Same price
AppleiTouch 5Battery$45.00
LGLancetLCD & Digitizer$99.99$99.99
LGLg Nexus 4/E960LCD/Digitizer79.99same price
LGNexus 6LCD/Digitizer$229.99same price
LGNexus 6PLCD/Digitizer$179.99same price
LGLg Nexus 5/D821/821LCD/Digitizer99.99same price
AppleMacbookPro non retinaDisplay Glass$140.00
AppleMacbookPro non retinaLCD/Display Glass$349.99
MotorolaMAXX XT1080Digitzer / LCD$129.99same priceorder with frame
SamsungMega 5.8 & 6.3Digitizer/LCD$109.99
HTCMyTouch 4GDigitizer$69.99
HTCMyTouch 4GLCD$69.99
LGNexus 4LCD & Digitizer$79.99$79.99
HTCNexus One SLCD/Digitizer$99.99
PCNon-Touch Screen WindowsLCD/Display Glass$139.99
Samsung NOTE 1,2 & 3Digitizer$99.99
Samsung NOTE 1,2 & 3LCD$239.99
SamsungNote 4LCD & Digitizer$139.99$235$50you will get a rebate of $95 if you save the LCD
SamsungNote 5Digitizer / LCD$189.99$299.99$60Rebate on LCD
SamsungNote 5LCD & Digitizer
SamsungNote 5LCD & Digitizer$189.99$299.00$60
AlcatelOne touch Idol 3LCD & Digitizer$199.99$199.99
HTCOne XDigitizer/LCD$119.99
LGOptimus/2x P999Digitizer69.99
LGOptimus/2x P999LCD69.99
LGOptimus/2x P999LCD/Digitizer139.99
BlackberryPassportLCD & Digitizer$179.99$179.99
SamsungS5Charger Port$89.99
SamsungS6Digitizer / LCD$219.99$50
SamsungS6 EdgeLCD/Full Assembly$199$249.99$60If the lcd is good you will get $40 back on the good lcd
SamsungS6 note edgeDigitizer / LCD
SamsungS7LCD & Digitizer$199.99$240$70
SamsungS7 EdgeLCD & Digitizer$300.99$399$70
HTCSensationlcd / Digitzer$79.99
BluStudio &.0 LTELCD & Digitizer$159.99$159.99
SamsungTransform UltraDigitizer$74.99
SamsungTransform UltraLCD$74.99
LGV10LCD & Digitizer$189.99$189.99
SamsungVibrantFull Housing$79.99
SonyXperia ZDigitzer / LCD$99.99same price save lcdorder with frame
SonyXperia Z1Digitzer / LCD$99.99same price save lcdorder with frame
SonyXperia Z1sDigitzer / LCD$99.99same price save lcdorder with frame
SonyXperia Z3Digitizer / LCD$99.99same price save lcdorder with frame
SonyXperia Z5LCD & Digitizer$104.99$104.99
SonyXperia Z5 CompactLCD & Digitizer$119.99$119.99
SonyXperia Z5 PremiumLCD & Digitizer$119.99$119.99
AsusZenfone 2LCD & Digitizer$99.99$99.99
ZTEZMAXLCD & Digitizer$99.99$99.99