Repair Training Program

Dr Phone Fix 3 Choice iPad Repair Program

Train With The Best

DrPhoneFix would like to present the opportunity to join a seminar where one will get to experience an iPad underneath a microscope at a low rate of $899.99!

• 10 Hour Course: Schedule is Designed around your Schedule
• Train up to 2 people: Become a DPF Certified Technician
• On Going Support: Tips and Tricks , eligible for discount prices on parts

Designed is a training course that guarantees knowledge and confidence when it is your turn to repair a iPad. With a total of ten hours of training, DrPhoneFix has designed it with you in mind. As each indi- vidual learns differently, seminars are limited to certify only two trainees at a time . Such a limit is structured to allow a one on one experience where the information is encoded, stored, and retrievable.

With more than fifth-teen locations nation wide, DrPhoneFix understands that learning does not end when one steps out of the class- room. When in reality that is when it all begins, and that is why DrPhoneFix provides on-going support to allow one to achieve to their full potential. DrPhoneFix Headquarters is intended to be your helping hand. Not only will tips and tricks be released and share constantly, but DrPhoneFix Headquarters is available for additional walk through on any iPad repair.

Along with the benefits of being a DPF certified technician comes with the eligibility of the cheapest prices to purchase parts needed to repair any damaged on an iPad.

Some of Our Participating Schools:
Archbishop McCarthy | Cooper City High School | Nova university (NSU)