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BLU Energy X Home Button Replacement

Get your “BLU Energy X Home Button Replacement” today by a DPF Certified technician near you. All our BLU Energy X Repairs comes with 90-Day Warranty and we use Grade A quality BLU Energy X Parts. Find an BLU Energy X Home Button Replacement Shop in your area by visiting our Cell Phone Repair Near Me page or find Dr Phone Fix & Repair locations near you listed below.


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Oh no, the home button on your BLU Energy X stopped working – now what? Step one, don’t panic. Believe it or not, this is a very common problem experienced by almost every smartphone owner at one time or another.The home button on your device is one of the most used parts of the phone.

Dr Phone Fix & Repair specializes on BLU Screen Replacement with more than 400,000 completed. Dr Phone Fix & Repair is the most trusted BLU repair shop near you.

Knowledgable technicians are skilled in button replacement

  1. In fact, it’s probably touched and press hundreds if not thousands of times each day. Think about how many time a week or a month you use that button to switch screens or get back to your main smartphone screen. When you think about how often the BLU Energy X’s home button is used, it makes replacing it seem a little more normal.
  2. And believe us, it is normal. We have replaced thousands of home buttons due simply to the fact that they are used frequently and aren’t created to last forever. Like all the other parts of the device, the home button is small, delicate and complex. While it works great when you first buy the device, over time the effectiveness can decrease. You may find that your home button just starts to work slower or that it stops working all together.

Money saving repairs bring your phone back to life

  • The good news is that this doesn’t mean you need an entirely new device. While the home button is important to overall functionality of the BLU Energy X, it can be repaired with a correctly executed replacement. That’s right – you do not need to buy a new smartphone. This is a very common solution though given to device owners like you; we see it all the time. Owners of the BLU Energy X that have a problem are most likely to take it back to their cell phone provider’s closest storefront.
  • The average cell phone provider location does not perform repairs, or even completely diagnose a device. Therefore, its likely the will just quickly recommend buying a new device. The next step may to be to contact the manufacturer. While this company may offer repairs, they will come at a cost of likely a lot time and a lot money.

BLU Energy X Home Button Replacement with 90 days warranty!

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To have your BLU Energy X repaired by the manufacturer will typically require you to send in the phone to any number of locations throughout the world. Not only will you likely have to pay for the shipping and handling, but also you could be without your device for a significant amount of time, even up to a few weeks. Note that home button repairs are normally not a repair that is done for free by manufacturers, which means an additional cost on top of all this waiting.

With Years of experience in Smartphone Repair Dr Phone Fix & Repair can fix any BLU issues you may have such as Cracked Screen, Battery Replacement, Water damage Repair, and many other services.

In house repairs for your button replacement needs

In fact, our team keeps the exact replacement parts needed for the BLU Energy X on hand at all times.

Are you currently experiencing a problem with a feature other than the BLU Energy X Home Button Replacement? Feel free to visit our BLU Energy X Repair page.

DPF certified technicians to handle your repair needs

They also have the tools needed to take out your old home button and effectively replace it with a replacement home button. We also would like you to know that Dr Phone Fix & Repair can be utilized as a professional second opinion.

We highly recommend always getting a second opinion before making a repair or replacement decision for your BLU Energy X as they can get expensive and stressful. Spending just as little as 45 minutes at Dr Phone Fix & Repair could save you a lot of time and potentially hundreds of dollars. It would be our pleasure to diagnose your device and offer our professional opinion about repair and replacement options, especially about a home button replacement for the BLU Energy X.

When a problem or issue starts with your BLU Energy X, it is important to get it diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible. Due to the increased complexity and fragility of today’s smartphones, one problem can quickly get worse or easily affect other parts of the device.

Trust Dr Phone Fix & Repair for all your repair and diagnosis needs.

For example, if your home button stops working, other parts of the device will be used more which increases the chances of them breaking as well. Problems with technologically advanced devices often have a domino effect where one problems leads to another and another. You don’t have to live one more day with a dysfunctional home button on your device, or any other problem with your BLU Energy X. This annoyance could be easily fixed at a Dr Phone Fix & Repair location near you. Our team at Dr Phone Fix & Repair has years of experience replacing home buttons along with a variety of other services. From minor aesthetic damage to complex problems that affect the entire device, Dr Phone Fix & Repair can help. Let us diagnose your smartphone, tablet or laptop to provide you with the best advice and repairs.

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