At some point we have all felt the feeling of being lost, and disconnected from the world when our phone gets broken. Some of us are so attached that we feel our entire world is crashing down, there is no reason to panic; because most damages on iPhones are repairable at an affordable price. We understand how important your device is to you, as there are people who rely on their mobile phones for work. We live in a world that is busy and always in a rush. To get to places, to finish work, to get home, to get chores done, there is no aspect of our lives we do not to rush through. Understanding that need we offer you a 45 minutes waiting time, we got you covered. So we can have you walking out with you newly fixed phone. A rushed job does not mean we have not taken our time to perform a proper job, we assure you that a professional technician will have taken all the time they need to perform a perfect solution on your valuable device. There are 164 million active mobile devices in USA, and just about 64% of them are Apple users in 2016. Making it the most commonly used mobile phones in America. As the number of Apple users have increased in the past years so has the number of customers looking for repairs. Most of these electronic repairs are basic such as screens replacement for a shattered glass and sometimes they are a bit more technical like battery replacement, charge port replacement, water damage and other repaired needs. But nothing to worry about, as we have all the solutions for your needs. We do not wish to damage your phone just even a little, so we have all the right tools for any model phone. Which is a crucial part during your service. The right kind of tools is what we rely on for a job well done. It is important to understand that every electronics device requires different tools, as they are build differently. Many experienced professionals make such basic mistakes and end up ruining your phone. But we assure that we are professionals with experience and equipped with the right kinds of tools. At Dr Phone Fix & Repair we are focused on same day repairs, fast turnaround and quality parts with 90-day warranty on all of our services at competitive pricing. Which is why we have an online system set up for you all ready to go. If you know exactly what kind of service you are looking to get, for instance your screen to be replace then you can easily get a quote from us; or even look around for the perfect product to look at the prices before heading out to a store. We offer services on almost all models and at an economical cost at all of our stores.