I would like to share a common discuss here actually right under Tablet Repair main page, as we all know smartphone screens are getting bigger and bigger with every new model! so the big question is coming up as a concern of tablet users, if smartphones gonna take over Tablet industry and nobody will need to use tablets anymore? As a professional repair company at Dr Phone Fix & Repair we can clearly say we fix hundreds of tablets everyday and thousands in months so we really know every single technology they use! I have supposed to explain this information first; right before to answer that common question. The biggest difference everybody can think that is screen size and nothing else? Actually its kind a wrong common expectation. Tablets may be more durable in business area and faster process than smartphones according to their processor and memory setup! So Tablets are only for business? Actually not at all!

A tablet is very useful as well when it comes down to use education system as well. The schools that we are working with they would like to have tablet setup for their education system due to durability and futuristic setup synced with their school systems. A smartphone screen size issue even may get solved by replacing them even no glass holographic pictures! But there will be always a performance setup necessity that needs space on device. Android tablets or IOS OS Platform tablets will be taking some space in our life. Its an industry that always keep changing and that’s exactly how suppose to be! Computers nowadays especially laptops started to grow in business as touch panel tablets with windows OS or even free Linux setups. Tablet Repair or a touch panel computer repair may compare with each other as price or part quality. Tablets nowadays almost all of them comes with android operating systems which gives us a big freedom of usage on internet world. Android is such a platform that constantly keep developing for better and better. We can see android tablet systems on almost any device with any purpose! Such as sign players on the street or Android TV boxes, android smart TVs, portable android video player devices and many more.