Galaxy A7 Screen Repair By Dr Phone Fix

Since January 2015, Samsung Galaxy A7’s have been popping up in DrPhoneFix locations around the country. Although this smartphone is high quality and well developed, it is still prone to the most normal of electronic device problems. For example, cracked glass is a major problem with this smartphone. It can start with a small chip, but soon the chip has spread into a crack that affects the whole front screen. That being said, DrPhoneFix specializes in screen repair for situation just like this that are likely to happen to a majority of smartphone owners and users.

Samsung is one of the most popular smartphone brands on the market right now

While it remains second to Apple, it’s quickly trying to change that. The company has produced notable devices in recent years and is consistently designing innovative smartphones for today’s consumer. For example, the Galaxy A7 has impressive features like 16 gigabytes of internal storage, a 13-megpixel camera as well as a multitouch interface on its LCD screen. Available in three different colors, the Samsung Galaxy A7 is competitively price and a great choice for smartphone users that are looking for an alternative to traditional Apple products without losing any functionality or ingenuity.