Galaxy S7 Repair Services at DrPhoneFix

Are you having a problem with your Samsung Galaxy S7? Even though smartphones are getting better and more durable with each release, they are still delicate devices that have many complex elements.

The days of at-home repairs are unfortunately over, leaving many phone owners wondering what to do when something goes wrong with their device. You do not have to go back to the manufacturer or cell phone service provider for help. In fact, DrPhoneFix is ready and available to diagnose and repair any type of issue your Galaxy S7 may be experiencing quickly and affordably.

Screen Repairs for the Galaxy S7

One of the most common repairs performed by our team at DrPhoneFix has to do with smartphone screens. Due to the increased usage and fragility of these 5.1-inch Galaxy S7 screens, they are constantly at risk of chipping, scratching or shattering. A 2,560 x 1,440-pixel screen doesn’t do any good if it is damaged and unresponsive.

At DrPhoneFix, we keep replacement screens for the Samsung Galaxy S7 in stock. This means that when you bring us your Galaxy S7 with a damaged screen, we can begin repairs right away. You don’t have to wait for a new screen to come in the mail, you just have to wait for us to swap the old screen with the new one.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Water Damage Repair

Even though this device is water resistant, it is not waterproof. Water can still damage your Galaxy S7, in a major way. Dropping it in a pool, or having an entire drink spilled on it can impact virtually all elements of your smartphone. For example, the most common problems that stem from water damage include:

  • Smartphone won’t charge
  • Touchscreen is unresponsive
  • Damage to the SIM card
  • Screen goes black

When you bring your water-damaged device to DrPhoneFix, we will first run a diagnostic service. This will allow our team to see the extent of the damage done by the liquid as well as prepare a solution for you that is both quick and affordable. If you decide to have the repair done, we can get started and have your device repaired in as little as 45 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Repairs

With front and rear camera technology, a lot can go wrong. The Galaxy S7’s main camera is 12-megapixels featuring an LED flash and panorama option. The “selfie camera” is 5-megapixels but supports video calls as well.

To have a properly functioning camera, nearly all aspects of the device must be working. For example, to just take one picture, you need to be able to use the touchscreen, camera, and the camera’s software all at once, interconnected. The most common problems DrPhoneFix repairs in relation to Galaxy S7 cameras include:

  • Warning prompt that camera has failed
  • The camera shows a black screen
  • Images are out of focus or extremely blurry
  • Screen freezes while taking pictures of video

DrPhoneFix Offers Quick, Affordable Repairs for the Galaxy S7

We know that you’re busy. If you’re not at work, you’re working out, shopping, getting together with friends, the list goes on. That being said, we strive to provide quick repairs, while you wait. That’s right, just sit back and relax, we will have your smartphone repaired in no time.

DrPhoneFix is also proud to offer affordable repair services. Unlike manufacturers or cell phone dealers that want to sell you a brand new device, we work to fix your current device as best we can. Most of the time, Samsung owners don’t need a new device, they just need a repair. From minor scratches to major software issues, our team can diagnose and offer you an inexpensive solution to the problem that plagues your smartphone.

All Repairs Include a Lifetime Warranty

When you have a repair done at DrPhoneFix, we stand by our work. Each of our repair services comes with a lifetime warranty. You can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back. If you determine that the problem has not been fixed correctly, or the problem reappears, simply bring your device back to us and we’ll make it right.

Visit Us Today!

DrPhoneFix has locations throughout the nation. We encourage you to stop by if you are having any type of problem with your Samsung device. Our team is ready to answer your questions, address your concerns and probed solutions. While we don’t require appointments for repair services, you are more than welcome to make one if you would like. Our team can be contacted at 1-877-928-8905 or online at

In addition to repairing the Samsung Galaxy S7, our experienced team of technicians can diagnose and repairs any major brand of smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, or gaming console. If you have an electronic device that isn’t working correctly, we can help!