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Dr Phone Fix 3 Choice iPad Repair Program

School iPad Repair Service | Training Program | Insurance Program

Dr Phone Fix promises to provide “Grade A” quality in all repairs conducted. Dr Phone Fix starts at the core; from the tools used, to the replacement parts. With manufacture warranty on all parts, Dr Phone Fix strives to remain a loyal, and trustworthy repair store. With more than 15 stores we encourage customers to “let the doctor fix your phone!”

Insure your School iPad Repair Today!

This school year, Dr Phone Fix, would like to present you and your students a little relief when you drop and crack your iPad. With a minimum of one hundred iPad’s participating , Dr Phone Fix would like to offer insurance Starting as low as $54.99!

Register a minimum of one hundred students to qualify your high school the special offer of only $54.99. Dr Phone Fix Insurance includes repairs on Digitizer, as well as repairs on small parts such as; WiFi, power button, volume button, charger port, audio jack, and home button.

Dr Phone Fix Insurance excludes repairs on the motherboard, and LCD replacements. However, being covered with Dr Phone Fix Insurance allows the student to be eligible to a additional deductible of $49.99 if and when LCD is in need of repair. First encounter of drop- ping your iPad, you are covered with the registration fee of only $54.99. Second incident of dropping and cracking your iPad, Dr Phone Fix has your back! After the third time, the repair is still cheaper, and only two– fifth of the price!

Dr Phone Fix strives for “Grade A” quality just like your high school, so we guarantee warranty on our parts! Students insurance holds value for a complete school year of excellence from registration date.

Some of Our Participating Schools:

Archbishop McCarthy | Cooper City High School | Nova university (NSU)

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