Cell Phone Repair Services

iPhone Repair

Regardless of what’s wrong with your iPhone, if we can’t fix it no one can. Although a cracked screen is our most common repair, it’s not uncommon for other issues to arise during the life of your iPhone. This beautifully engineered device still has internal faults which can all be resolved at Drphonefix. With normal wear and tear your iPhone may experience a fast draining battery, charging functions not working properly, or worn out buttons that no longer respond, a quick and simple tune up may be in order.

  • Same Day Repair
  • Average iPhone Repair 30 Minutes
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Certified Technicians on site

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iPad Repair

Nowadays aside from your smartphone, your iPad is your most faithful companion. Whether its used for work, school, or leisure; It seems as if your fragile iPad is always in some sort of danger. After all, it was that one fall that caused your perfectly glossy screen to now bear the misfortune of a crack.

We’ll let you in on a little secret, iPads take a little more skill and precision to repair compared to an iPhone. At DrPhoneFix our technicians are prepared to go above and beyond to not only take care of that unsightly cracked screen but will also use special tools to restore the overall appearance of your ipad’s metal frame which may have bends or dings.


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Smartphone Repair

Smartphones work best when they are in the best condition. Bring your smartphone to DrPhoneFix today for cosmetic and operative repairs that can improve its overall function. You may find that most repair shops only specialize or carry parts for the more popular phones such as iPhone or Samsung. At DrPhoneFix all of our technicians are rigorously trained to service any make or model.

Each shop carries a wide variety of parts for any repair that walks in. In the rare occasion that we don’t have the part in stock to repair your phone, our technicians will go to all possible means to source it locally through our large network of top quality providers, as to ensure the fastest turn around possible. Our team can have your smartphone looking and working like new in no time!
Nokia, OnePlus, Nexus, Alcatel, Sony, Lg, Blackberry

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Tablet Repair

Damaged tablet? DrPhoneFix can help. Quickly and inexpensively, our team can perform repairs including but not limited to glass screen replacements, water damage and dysfunctional charging ports – all while you wait! Our team is ready to help you and your tablet, what are you waiting for?


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Computer Repair

Don’t live one more day with a damaged computer. We promise to be the company that you can trust for all of your computer needs. We provide hardware, software, data recovery and even mother board-level repairs at all locations. Our team of computer technicians are highly certified and are backed by our large network of technicians all over the country to provide the highest level of expertise.

Everyone at DrPhoneFix knows the value of your device and that’s why we provide repairs quickly and affordably. Don’t waste time or money – get your computer repaired today at the DrPhoneFix location nearest you.

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